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Re: MS support

i didn't throw up yesterday, and although i was VERY close in the shower this morning, i managed to hold it in. hooray, AND i baked cookies, because i wanted to eat cookies. i think that's a good sign because anything sweet has been sounding really horrible to me. But i'm starting to get a cold or something, my head feels like it's in vice a fog. My throat is a little sore too and i'm a little congested. i just HOPE, hope, hope i don't get a really bad runny nose. that post nasal drip always makes me gag, pregnant or not, but i if i get it now, it'll be more than just gagging!
However, i have a friend who was only a few weeks behind me in her pregnancy who recently lost the baby, and another friend, also a few weeks behind me who may or may not be going through a miscarriage right now. (she has an appt today, if it's bad news i'm not sure when i'll hear, hopefully right away if it's good news) and it is just making me feel so thankful for a healthy baby who makes me feel icky.
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