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Originally Posted by Lanae
Honestly, I think I'm just scared of gender disappointment. Dh is 100% he wants this to be the last and I'm trying really hard to accept that because he wasn't totally on board with this one but enough so, that we tried for it... Just happened to get pregnant first cycle! Anyways, we have a little boy and as wonderful as little boys are.... I'd really like a girl. I know that if I wait to find out when it's born, there's no way I'll be disappointed cause I'll be in my baby love place but if I found out its a boy in utero, I'm scared it's going to be really hard for me to accept.
I'm kinda the opposite. I would be happy either way, but since this is likely our last, I don't want to get too deep into fantasizing either way. I think I'm more likely to experience gender disappointment if I spend 9 months visualizing something different than I'll have. I'm trying to restrain my imagination already, lol.
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