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Originally Posted by Lanae
Honestly, I think I'm just scared of gender disappointment. Dh is 100% he wants this to be the last and I'm trying really hard to accept that because he wasn't totally on board with this one but enough so, that we tried for it... Just happened to get pregnant first cycle! Anyways, we have a little boy and as wonderful as little boys are.... I'd really like a girl. I know that if I wait to find out when it's born, there's no way I'll be disappointed cause I'll be in my baby love place but if I found out its a boy in utero, I'm scared it's going to be really hard for me to accept.
Well if you do find out and have gender disappointment just know that it passes. My first 2 are 16 months apart. So I really wanted another boy. I figured since they were going to be so close it would be fun to have the same gender.

In the u/s room I was ok. Shocked maybe. Then on the ride home it sunk that night and for a week straight I cried.

I totally got over it and am so glad we have her. I know its a little different b/c it wasnt our last and I wanted the same gender vs different but I just wanted to let you know it passes.

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