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Just made a vat of gumbo

And the house smells amazing! When I make it I usually use about 4lbs of bl/sl chicken breast and 3-4 lbs of sausage. That amount makes 2 full dinners and at least 2 days of leftovers from each dinner. There are 6 of us (me, dh, 14 yo DS, 10 yo DS, 7 yo DS and almost 2 yo dd) and dh and the two older eat like mountain men! Everyone has two helpings of it usually. I freeze half of it the day after I make it so its already cold and freezes and pours easily.
I just doubled that amount. Four bell peppers, 2 large onions and a huge can of tomatoes went on there also. One friend had a baby last week and another is due on the 30th. This amount should give us a third, possibly fourth dinner and still have plenty for leftovers for our friends. Including their newborns they have 4 and 5 people in their bunches, oldest being 5. They obviously won't eat as much as we do, but one meal for us will stretch into two meals for them.
Just wanted to share my joy in making good somewhat healthy food. Being anemic during pregnancy has kicked my butt and zapped all energy. I feel like such a lazy bum when we eat out because I couldn't bring myself to cook something. Thanks for reading this far and listening to my excitement in this small victory.

Autocorrect has helped me type this.
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