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Re: Aspergers?

Sorry I didn't read the pp's. I'm sure they had some great info.

I have one son with autism and a nearly 8 year old that I usually say has aspergers. His teachers think he has it each year, we get him tested and he just barely doesn't qualify. But, we modify in school keeping in mind he is more or less aspergers.

When you talk with the doc I would I try to keep in mind what you want to get better for you son. His anxiety, behaviors, coping skills, attention...? My son is perfectly average intelligence so I've never had those issues.

We love lego star wars here too! DS was obsessed with Mario for years so I was glad to the move to star wars. Its star wars clone wars now and he knows all 2 million characters I've noticed now that he is older his obsessions aren't nearly as strong. He can talk to other kids about mario, star wars, lego ninjago, transformers...he's gaining some flexibility but we did work on it. We do own 7 light sabors and have 5 or so star wars costumes. So, the important question....does he play lego star wars on ds or the wii? and has he beaten the game? (This is what my ds would want to know)

Getting school involvement has been much more helpful than the doctor for my ds. We have anxiety plans and he gets social skills classes with a few select kids.

btw a book I like for very academically intelligent kids with aspergers is called Bright but not Broken, or something really close to that.
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