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Re: gestational diabetes

i had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy (#3), and apparently developed Type 2 Diabetes between that one and this one. I didn't get diagnosed until a few weeks ago, but it was/is very apparent that i did, in fact, develop T2. So, I'm on insulin and watched very closely and will be so through this entire pregnancy. (And diabetic care will continue afterwards.)

anyway, gestational diabetes wasn't HORRIBLE, mind you... just another "thing to do" for the pregnancy. (I was on insulin with that one.) You DO need to be VERY, VERY conscious and precise with your carb load intake throughout each day and stick to your regiment of care (whether that me oral medication or insulin injections.) Speak up to your doctor(s) and ALWAYS have a snack with you (a carb + a protein is best) when you leave the house. Always.

Even with incredibly close monitoring, I tended to have my blood sugar levels drop very low (hypo) and never left the house without my glucose tabs or a small tube of cake icing. (yes, really.) My healthcare providers are working very closely with me this time around, too, (i'm living in a completely different state- so all new docs) and I wouldn't have it any other way, even though it DOES mean FREQUENT trips to the doctors' office.
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