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I had wanted a VBAC, but another breech made that decision for us. My babies were both planned C sections due to breech. I did not have my arms strapped down. We played our own choice of music, had laughs and joked, they helped take photos; it was a very nice and wonderful experience. I has wanted and planned on a natural birth for both; baby spinning, acupuncture, etc., etc., but to no avail. I'm happy we had the opportunity to have our C sections be so special, and i know an emergency C section doesn't have those options. If you chose a C section, ask questions and see if there are ways to make it special or the way you'd like it. Music is a simple request and so is dad announcing the sex (if you don't know). This helped our birthing experiences be memorable. Good luck!

ETA: We also did cheek to cheek bonding for 5 minutes or so. I got to touch baby with 1 arm, and i was in recovery with the baby in about 1/2 hour. Dad stayed with the baby the whole time & videoed what I missed. I nursed in recovery. Under the (breech) circumstances, I don't think I would have changed a thing. They were both great experiences.

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