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Re: If you had no pain meds and tore

With Tommy I had an epidural and about 1.5-2 hours of pushing. As soon as he came out I felt a "pop" and could feel my skin tear apart. It didn't hurt due to the epi but I sure felt it, it was the weirdest sensation!

With Vinny, I delivered him within 7 minutes of arriving at the hospital, no time for pain meds (didn't want any initially, but man I was ready for them when I got there! lol). I did tear but didn't feel it. Getting stitched up afterwards hurt like heck though and the healing afterwards sucks. Just where the stitches are I mean, the rest of recovery has been a breeze.

Alycia + Tom = 2 Labor Day babies! Tommy (9/09) + Vinny (9/12)
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