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Originally Posted by Lolobug
I just skimmed the thread, so I apologize if this was addressed, but were you involved w DH first or were you brought into the relationship afterwards?
I personally think that time helps a lot w jealousy. When I was first involved w my husband, he had just ended a 6 year relationship. This was very difficult for me. His ex also suddenly wanted back in once I became involved. It took a long time for me to feel secure. Partially because I had been involved in many bad relationships and also partially because over time I got to really know him and trust him.
Does that help??
DH and I were together for 3 years before we decided to start a relationship with them. So he and I were together before she came in and C and T have been together for about 7 years. DH and C's relationship has been only a couple months.
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