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Re: Basically it's Thursday


After pulling myself together and dragging my maths schooling up from the depths to help Shannon with her homework Heiner walks in and tells her to not use the times table, to just add. It's not about doing it the easy way...It's about doing it the right way!!!!

After talking to him and explaining while that might be the easiest way it's not good for her to do that, she needs to learn the method of using her times tables for this question. That she needs to put the numbers into the proper question from so she can see what she's times'ing with what.....and he says fine. And as soon as I turn my back he says we're going to to do this the easier way.

Well thanks! You just f'ed up in a big way chappy. You have just won yourself 4 kids maths homework for the rest of their school lives....because I'M NOT DOING IT ANYMORE!
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