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Re: Do you remember..

Originally Posted by MyM&W View Post
So you're saying if say I got a pos opk tomorrow I'd have to dtd either a few hours before O or the say of o and we could up our chances of a boy??? Hehe
YES that is true!!!

Originally Posted by holly6737 View Post
We just DTD a lot and end up pregnant. I've never tried to swing for a girl or a boy, but I'm not sure I believe the hype. We DTD every day to every other day and so I know for at least three of our pregnancies (minus this last one, since I was using a diaphragm) there has been adequate sperm constantly for days before O, and yet we always get boys.
Women that predominately have boys under circumstances like you have said usually have high acidic levels in their cm. It kills the sperm to quickly thus the girls never survive. This is something that can be altered with diet changes in some cases.

If You personally wanted to try for a girl, I would suggest as you find out for sure what your O day is then dtd 4 or 3 days before O and no more until a few days after you O. (if you have time to spare 4 days out is a better first start) If you do not get preggo move it up a day to 3days and if not again 2days, etc. If you are not getting preggo on the day 4 and/or 3 dtd then you prolly have high acidic levels in cm. You can still get a girl at day 2 but its more of a toss =)

BTW I did A LOT of research when I kept having girls- 3 in a row. Applying said methods I planned the next 2 boy babies. Then had 2 more boy babies after that both while breastfeeding so I wasn't really paying attention to when I was O'ing lol.
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