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Can you help with ideas for soft, dry finger foods?

I have a 6 month old and I have been trying to start her on solids for a while and she really does not like pureed baby food. I've tried countless times and she doesn't like it at all.

I thought she simply wasn't ready until I went to visit a friend this weekend who has 2 children already, one is currently 1 year old so she had a variety of baby foods on hand. We tried a few things and to my surprise she is gobbling up the more solid finger foods, like the gerber graduates puffs. I keep going back to the pureed food and she still is not interested so I think maybe its a textural thing.

So, I do not want to keep giving her gerber graduates. I really want to feed her homemade foods that are organic and don't have preservatives and also offer a higher level of nutrition than simple puffed rice. I know I can make her some soft sweet potatoes, and steam apples or other fruits and veggies and I will try that.

What are some dry foods I can make her that I can put in a baggy and take with me places or give to her as a dry finger food that wont be too hard for her to eat? Any ideas are appreciated.
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