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Originally Posted by cathplyr

Thank you for solving the mystery! it seems nowadays women are infertile or hyperfertile with no middle ground. My mom spaced her kids 3 years apart and said it was b/c of breastfeeding. and I was so confused b/c myself and many of the moms I know are fertile right after baby with kids 18 months or fewer apart. but now I see that we have pesticides in our food which has hormones and everything is plastic now so we are exposed to bisphenol-a which is more hormones. we are really being bombarded with hormones. If you have any more words of wisdom on the subject please share!
If I started too much on this subject, I would take up more room than allowed. It's pretty easy to find info via google. Just make sure you choose a reputable site. Im not sure what interests you most but you could start with pthalates and fertility and go from there. I have rid our house of chemicals as much as possible and I still got AF at 4-1/2 mo. pp. Though all those chemicals are built up in our bodies so a detox from time to time is needed really. The stanley burroughs master cleanse is a good one (but NOT if preg or nursing). Im gonna get a raindrop massage soon and pump and dump once after because it is good for detox too.
Pthalates is known to feminise males so seems like that could be a big cause of male factor infertility cases. Pthalates are in detergent soaps cologne bodywash shaving cream dish soap, etc--almost everything with fragrance in it. So seems like that could be one of the reasons some females get pp af sooner than they used to. (Estrogenic effects) Ok. I gotta stop now.
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