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Re: Paleo & Primal Chat August/September

I got all motivated when reading the WAP, Nourishing Traditions, GAPS Support thread, February 2012 thread. Kept reading on to links at Weston Price and got to an article about 6tablespoons of fat for toddler daily! I was already feeding DS more fat that DH would like but apparently I'm not even close! But I do think I can do more, last night DS had a meltdown induced by hunger. He had mostly carbs for evening snack, when I woke him for dinner he just wanted nurse. Took almost 2 hours to finally get him to eat and when he ate alot. Today I sent a bottle of olive oil for daycare to add to his lunch and pm snack. I think I am gonna try baking some arrowroot crackers to replace the cheerios they serve. Need to gather the materials and find the time though!
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