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Re: 2 questions about nursing

I don't use a boppy, but I use the my brest friend pillow and love it even now at almost 5 months. If I'm home, I pretty much nurse on it in the living room, or side lying on my bed. I prefer sidelying on my bed these days, as it's a more distraction free environment for a more aware baby, but still do both. Not that I needed it this time, but the first time around I found it very helpful because I could buckle it up high where it wouldn't put pressure on my c-section incision.

And there's very little you can't eat while breastfeeding, unless of course your baby doesn't tolerate it. I eat the same things I did before I got pregnant now that I'm nursing DD2. If you're unsure, have a little bit and then watch baby for about 24hrs and see how they do. If you don't get a gassy fussy baby and their stools are fine, you're probably fine to eat it.

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