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Smile Box of fleece covers, fitteds, and pockets All for $25ppd

Pocket Change pocket diapers size medium (it looks like they might run a little small though). They just haven't worked out for us. They do not come with inserts. The space dipe has what looks like bleach staining on it but I'm not sure how that happened since I rarely use bleach in any of our laundry. The space one is also showing wear holes along the back at the seam.

All AIO's are in GUC. The only problem with them is all the elastic needs replaced. I wish I knew how to do this because they were great diapers when it was working. The Very Baby (size medium) has a star fish embroidered on the back. There is an additional doubler for this diaper that does have staining on it. The diaper does not have any stains as far as I can see. The red Monkey Doodlez has what they call Micro inside (feels like felt to me). The burgandy Monkey Doodlez has the original inside (feels like a jersey material). Both Monkey Doodlez are Medium-Longs.

I also have three momma made covers. I would say these are a large. GUC.

Take all for $25 ppd

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