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Kangaroo mother care!

I wanted to share the concept of KMC with preemie mothers. As far as I know most doctors do not even acknowledge this exists and will not suggest it. Here is the beautiful article I learned about it from:

The concept is that the best way for a newborn or preemie to regulate all her systems, her temperature her breathing and her coloring is as simple as being held skin to skin on mom or dad's or anyone else's chest. But the issue is that doctors want to hook your baby to a machine and do tests and put them in an incubator. But no machine will help as much as mom. This is an established concept and articles and studies have been done to prove it may save preemie's lives. BUT THERE IS NO PROFIT IN IT FOR THE HOSPITALS. and so they continue to ignore the facts. The article is about one woman and her 20 oz preemie. But this is not a unique case. you will read in the article that medical care does have its place, but mom has a higher place. Preemie moms should insist to be able to hold their preemies unless it is medically necessary that their preemie needs to be taken away for procedures.
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