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Re: If you had no pain meds and tore

Originally Posted by snugglesnsunshine View Post
No pain meds, 6 births. Episiotomy first birth. Yuk. Tore the next 2 times. Didnt know till dr. Said it. Getting stitched up is not fun but doesnt last long. My last three births--- no tearing. So heres my advice. Take it or leave it.
1. Rub EPO down there from 36 weeks till birth. The EPO stinks but who cares?
2. don't push with all your might (unless a medical emergency and you need the baby out NOW), try to control pushing, like you're holding back a little.
3. Angle pelvis when pushing like youre aiming toward the ceiling or high up on the wall.
My last babe came out with 2 small pushes and was delivered by a nurse because it was so fast.
She is right about the control pushing. It is not a race like the births they show in the movies. olive oil and a mirror help- which I wish I had. Listen to the midwife/md. If I had listened, I dont think I would have torn. I knew I wanted to be drug-free and did not want an episiotomy. I would do it again the same way but next time I will listen and have the midwife hold a mirror and use olive oil. I did not feel the tearing. the stitches arent that bad.
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