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Re: Those of you expecting twins...

Originally Posted by Shannon
What makes you think you may be carrying twins? I know Bethany thought she was having twins before she found out for sure because she was measuring several weeks further along that she was.
Well, I am showing quite alot for 6 1/2 weeks. Way more than with the others.....although this is my 5th pregnancy. Then, and don't laugh, my 4 year old dd told me , before we told her we were expecting, that I had 2 babies in my tummy. She said one is aboy and one is a girl. So I was like really!? lol She is serious when she talks about it. I remember when I was younger my aunt was pregnant with twins and her 4 yr old told her she was having 2 babies before the doctor knew also. I did not tell the dr my dd's prediction....just went in for my visit. During the u/s she kept looking and looking and had a questionable look on her face, I said WHAT!? Scared me! She said well, there is a strong heartbeat, no problems, I just can't swear there is only one in here. So that has my attention and curiousity! Twins do run in my family and I am up for them....I would love it.

So I am trying not to get my hopes up and wanted to hear from others expecting twins or that have had twins. I know every pregnancy is different. But I seem to have morning sickness, very dizzy with it...all day! The other night is was awful. With all others it was strictly morning, I would get up, throw up, and be fine the rest of the day....
Sorry for such a long post...
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