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Re: Weightloss Platueau

Hey mama,

Congrats on your success so far! Don't worry, your body will find it's healthy weight if you continue to shift your lifestyle to become more and more healthy.

I have some suggestions for you - my approach is a little different, if you are open I work with holistic nutrition and emotional imagery.

Calorie counting isn't the best idea for long term weight management/release. Reason being that your body needs the highest density in nutrition possible. Sometimes when we calorie count, we waste our meals and snacks with nutritionally less dense foods.

Also, the more you can become aware of your body's needs, the more you should be able to "feel" when you are eating appropriate amounts.

You will also store fat for different reasons - such as toxins built up in your fat cells that aren't being metabolized. Calorie counting will never get rid if this problem.


1. Forget calorie counting all together. 1200 calories a day is not sustainable, and will affect your metabolism.

2. Shift to a whole food approach, where you eat leafy greens as your main source, then other vegg, then fruits, then lean proteins, then dairy or substitutes, then grains (whole grain and quinoa type grains). Less processed foods, as little sugar as possible, but maple syrup, honey etc is great to sweeten :-) it's not CARB reduction its processed sugar reduction.

3. NO artificial sweetener - ever. EVER. Raw organic sugar, honey, maple syrup, fruit etc is FINE to eat, but NEVER EVER consume artificial sweetener. (Stevia is great and the others mentioned). Aspartame and Sucralose have been shown not only to slow weight loss, but are also highly toxic to the body (which will slow weight loss because the body will hoard fat to protect it's organs).
**no powerade - there are healthier options that do't have the color or chemical content.

4. Working out os only 20% of the weight release answer - so, do what you love, and do it often. If you can up your time to 40 minutes that would be awesome, and if you can add weight bearing activity once or twice a week, you would notice a huge difference.

Anyways mama - I would be more than happy to help you shift some of this if you are interested. It is really a huge shift in mindset away from calorie counting, but it works, and it is the healthiest way to go about weight release.

PM me if you want some help or more detail - I feel like I am writing a book here!
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