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Re: I don't want baby's first food to be cereal, suggestions please :)

Mine have all done BLW, I just feed whatever we are eating, I do sometimes help with the messy foods, though. No particular order, or introduction schedule. In fact, DD2 (the one in the pics) first food was pizza- I had it in one hand, her in the other, and had gotten distracted with a phone call- and she grabbed it and started devouring it- this was about 4 months old. When it is just her eating, I usually give her avacado, pears or peaches, strawberries, peas, banana, cheerios, scrambled egg.

This is her at about 5.5 months, and now at just over 6 months. She doesn't fist the cheerios much anymore- she has started pinching them with her fingers kinda like crab claws :-) It's hard to get many pics of her actually in action- as soon as she sees the camera, she freezes and wants to grab it!

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