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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

Originally Posted by fishingfor5 View Post
Hi moms. I have enjoyed reading this thread very much. We have just recently, in the last 2 years, made the decision to open our hearts to God's plan for our childbearing. Two years ago we had dhs vasectomy reversed. A few months later we were pregnant with #5. We are loving having a little one back in our home. I would love to know what your feelings are on being pregnant in your 40s? Dh and I are both 40 and soon I turn 41. So I am curious if you think you will feel differently. I am honestly having moments of panic at the thought of being 49 and pregnant. I know it becomes less likely but it is still possible. So ladies if you could or would send me your input as well as some encouragement or supportive thoughts I would love to have them.

Again, it has been a blessing to read this thread.

Just wanted to say this sounds exactly like our story! I also have those moments of panic about age/pregnancy. I'm currently 38 and just had our 6th on Aug. 4. l'll be looking for advice from any others who've btdt as well.

We are loving having little ones in our house again too! It's amazing how excited and helpful the older kids are with new babies.
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