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Re: 3yr old says teacher spanks

I feel like poop about the whole thing. I can say with 100% confidence that my child is not being hit. Emma is a very outspoken honest child. She says things with no worry about any consequence (I think she doesn't believe in consequences :-/) She would tell me the straight forward honest truth when asked. I do not have confidence in the teacher. She was an afterschool caregiver last year, and this is her first year teaching a class. She seems overwhelmed and not sure what she is doing. I will give the director some time to get the situation sorted out and then depending on what the outcome is I will decide on what I want to do about Emma in the class....Emma has a BEST friend in there that I would hate to take her away from, if that can be avoided.

I am HOPING the school has a zero tolerance policy on that and the teacher will be let go, as much as I hate for someone to lose their job I think that this is an appropriate situation to warrant that.
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