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Re: Farmin/Homesteading weekly chat September 16th-22nd

How's everyone doing?

I got a big bag of cabbages yesterday for 30 cents a head and 12 decent sized zucchinis for 25ish cents a piece at farmers markets and some cucumbers. I went to the amish market...BB's and got some snack foods but not much else. Also took Ds to a pumpkin patch and he got a big pumpkin for carving...two little ones that we *might* carve and a whole bag of gordes so we can decorate. OB appt went ok. Gotta go for more bloodwork and an ultrasound...then I start meds. She diagnosed me with second hand infertility and said that getting pregnant with Ds was a miracle.

This afternoon, I'll be chopping and freezing zucchinis, canning cabbage and possibly canning red potatoes. I'm taking Ds to the farmers market up the road this morning to see what they have for tomatoes...didn't have quite as much as I hoped before they all died. When we get back I need to bake something for Dh (thinking muffins and/or pie) then get started on canning. Tonight we are having my own form of Cajun chicken, seafood, and veggie stew in the crockpot for Dinner, leftover wings and sweet potatoes. I can't wait. So yummy. lol!
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