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Re: what are your thoughts on this (asked to not BF)? (update in #34)

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
I saw those too. Maybe I'm misremembering... I thought I saw several 'go and make sure you nurse whether he needs it or not' type of things. I could be mixing and matching thread's in my head, though . Certainly if he needs to eat I would have fed him regardless of their protests. But I also wouldn't have gone out of my way to make sure he had to nurse, just because of their response, KWIM? It's sad your family isn't supportive, I would have been livid at them too!
You're right. Some people did say that. If I had gone, I know that DS would've had to nurse. It's a drive there and then we would have been there for close to an hour...then we would've had to drive home. He definitely would've had to nurse at least right before leaving to drive back home.
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