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Piddle Poddle AIO , Fitteds , GM , Mutts, Blue Berry Diaper Covers

The boy is in underwear destash!!

*He has been out of diapers for a while now, Im just getting around to listing these because I need $ so they have been sitting in a box for months. We do have one cat. Smoke free home. Since theyve been sitting in a box in my laundry room there might be some fuzz, stray hair , etc but I didnt rewash them since I figure most people rewash them when they get them anyways.

All of these diapers were bought new by me except the toddler fitted so I can say they have only been washed in cloth diaper detergent and always hung to dry.

I will do my best to try and list and detail as best as possible, but I am only human. Since there are so many listed I'm going to wait until monday to ship and print shipping labels.

No trades, just good ol paypal please. 1$ off per extra item purchased. The WAHM fleece diaper cover is 1$ shipped with an additional purchase. Prices include shipping in US.

Ok ,I think thats all so here we go

1. Piddle Poddles Cadliac (AIO) blue cars - some slight yellow spots on outside of diaper GUC $12.50ppd

2. Blueberry Minky Diaper Cover (Large) orange- EUC $9ppd

3. Blueberry Minky Diaper Cover (Large) blue/green dot- EUC $9ppd

4. Piddle Poddles Cadliac (AIO) yellow skulls - GUC 12.50

5.muttaqin custom AIO (large) with pirate print outside and red minky inside. Love this diaper, its my all time favorite. GUC $22ppd

6.Blueberry Pocket Diaper (brown with blue dots) fleece lining GUC the insert though it doesnt have stains I could see might need to be replaced. $9ppd

7.Piddle Poddle Toddler Fitted - Very used condition, elastic is pretty much done for, the tag is starting to come off and some light staining. $7ppd

8. Piddle Poddles Cadliac (AIO) Blue with printed fleece obv insert things - GUC some light staining that I didnt try to sun out. $12ppd

9.Piddle Poddles Cadliac (AIO) brown with printed fleece - GUC light staining I didnt try to get out. $12ppd

10. Piddle Poddles Cadliac (AIO) green with printed fleece GUC elastic on one leg not as tight as other side light staining. $10ppd

11.Piddle Poddles Cadliac (AIO) Green Skulls GUC $12.50

12 Piddle Poddles Cadliac (AIO) Ninjas a little bit of a shadow inside. GUC $12.50

13. Piddle Poddles Cadliac (AIO) camo ooga booga - stains and one elastic is not as tight $10ppd

14. WAHM fleece diaper cover - fleece is pilly the size is similar to a medium-large . $1 if purchased with something else

15. Blueberry Minky Diaper Cover (large)- Blue - EUC $9ppd

16. Goodmama fitted - GUC the print is kinda faded 18$ppd

17. Goodmama fitted - used condition has holes/wearing where the fabric hs worn since its TTS (turned and top stitched) some stains I didnt try to get out $12ppd

18. piddle poddle training pants size 2 ooga boog blue/orange $7ppd light staining i didnt try to get out GUC

18. piddle poddle training pants size 2 spider print GUC $8ppd

19. piddle poddle cadilac (aio) the PUL doesnt work at all so its more like a fitted and there is some staining ididnt try to get out $7ppd

i think thats all for now...

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