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Re: If you believe in vaxing, but have friends who don't...

Clearly that's not verbatim, but I can't be the only one this happens to? For instance, I was at a party recently and there was a mom there with a baby in cloth diapers, so I say hello to chat about diapers, and she just starts yapping non-stop about the evils of doctors, pediatricians, vaccinations, all about her sparkly 50 hour homebirths, and what a plague autism is. Not to change the topic, but I can't tell you how many people who, upon new acquaintance, tell me their dogs have autism. Obviously that's before they find out about my son. I usually just keep my mouth shut because things get awkward. But what's up with all these autistic dogs, and why do people feel the need to tell me about it? Especially since they are usually making fun of autistic kids. I don't get it. But yeah, I have a hard time initiating conversations with moms when I see them out babywearing or using cloth because they start the anti-western medicine vomit all over me, and if they later find out about dh's job they feel really embarrassed and there goes any friendship.

I can't be the only one here? Do I just have one of those faces that says "tell me all your secrets in the first 5 mins I know you"? I even had a mom once tell me that when her then preschool age child was a baby she used to get so mad she'd just shake him. Who tells a stranger that?!? I happened to know her Pediatrician, so I tattled, but how could I let that go? And why was she telling me?
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