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Originally Posted by Minniebees
They usually know because of some stereotype of what people with autism are like. Maybe they have a dog who is a little slow to warm up with strangers, but they decide its funny to talk about how they have autism, and usually insert a few offensive jokes about autism in there. I just nod politely and move on. They don't mean to offend me, so I don't allow it to. Then again, maybe it's a Texas thing, because I have heard it tons since we moved here, but not before. Everybody and their aunt has a dog with autism down here. Must be the heat.
Wow. Thats just weird. What a bunch of weirdos. It must be so tough having an autistic dog....(insert eyerolling smiley here)

For the OP, we used to vax and never asked people if they did or didnt and didnt avoid anyone unless they were sick. (Vaxed or not)

We dont vax now and still dont ask people what they do. But I also dont take newborns out and about during the winter months unless it is necessary (doc, illness etc)
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