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Originally Posted by Caz
The first one looks pretty "shadowy" but the second is more obvious and seems to have a bit of color. I think you have a good chance of being pg, but if it were me, I'd get a FRER and test with FMU tomorrow to be sure! (ok, well if it were actually me, I'd probably get a 2 or 3 pack of the FRER and take one tonight after holding it as long as possible and then take the other in the morning, but that's just me... )
Lol I am trying to resist that urge.... I have visions of waking my napping toddler to drag her to the drugstore... But that would be nuts. Maybe we will need to run more errand later... Hehe

Now that they are drying the first test is less shadowy, but it's weird how they look different from the same cup of pee! They are both dollar tree tests.

Wait did one of the pics post twice... This is the pic of the second test on its own

Click image for larger version

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