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Help me get to that first pee!

My daughter is 2 years and 2 months. I attempted to train her a few weeks ago by removing the diaper completely and letting her go naked. I'd sit her on he potty every hour or so- which she has no trouble doing, but she wouldn't do anything, just chatter with me for a minute. Then Id let her loose and a minute later she'd pee on the floor. It was so frustrating.

I decided after a week of scrubbing rugs, that she wasn't quite ready. We were both getting really stressed out about it. I'd like to start trying again in about three weeks, but I want to make sure I really prepare her for it. I've been reminding her where pee and poop go, and we take her to the bathroom with us.

Should I do anything else? How do I get that first pee in the potty? I feel like if we can just achieve that, then she would get it. Bribes did nothing for her.
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