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Starting Fresh....


I'm a proud SAHM like some/all of most here . It's the best "work" of my life, and I'm excited to start a new chapter in our lives. My daughter has started preschool this year! Yay! I'm excited for her, and missing her too lol. Now that I have all this "free time"- after house work, and school drop-off/pick-up, I'm trying to find a compatible part-time job.

We had our first interview literally three days after I first started applying for positions! I'm happy, but a little nervous as well. I haven't had an interview since 2007. The interview was ok, and the job wasn't exactly what I wanted, and I think we both knew it , so I'm ok with calling this practice. Hoping the next one will be much better.

What are your thoughts here? How do you get over the initial interview? Tips, comments, advice are welcome! My work experience is mostly as an administrative assistant. How are your experiences now? I still can't believe I had an interview so quickly!

Thanks for reading and sharing, it means more than you know .
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