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Re: EC while breastfeeding?

My personal experience is that we didn't want to start the habit of pottying while nursing because I don't go to the bathroom when I eat and I don't want to train my daughter to either. I don't think it is wrong to do so I just don't want to have to teach my kids later. I also don't like the idea of having to hold them in awkward positions so they can potty. My daughter when she was really young would also pop on and off the breast when she needed to go, that was actually one of the first cues I learned. I thought something was wrong with our latch as well and then I realized she just needed to pee or already had and was just uncomfortable. Once I changed or pottied her she nursed just fine. I would rather take a pause in nursing to let them take a potty break than have them go during. They will learn to hold it until afterwards or let you know during that they need to or already did.
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