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Re: What comprises "unnecessary" prenatal care?

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
DH is positive. I am negative. are the shots super expensive?

We are definitely staying away from genetic screening/testing.

Can I not refuse administration of antibiotics? So far, the research I've done over the past several days is showing the same infant death rate in infected mothers who did and did not receive antibiotics, largely because that strain of bacteria has developed antibiotic resistance (presumably because of preemptive antibiotic use?). It also seems that there are several home/herbal remedies that are much easier (and more effective) than a huge dose of antibiotics.

We will definitely have a documented birth plan. We had that last time - it was just much different, along with copies of our powers of attorney/healthcare powers of attorney. Apparently it's unfortunately uncommon in this area (rural, very uneducated, low income, large percentage of citizens relying on government support) because all of the staff - except our doctor, haha - was quite surprised at the sheaf of papers we handed over at check in.
My reference is the Tarascon Pharmacopoeia from 2010 and it says >$200 for a Rhogam injection. I've seen $150-200 in the doctor's office and a hospital's charge of $6-700 (billed to insurance, not what the pt is responsible for).

You can refuse any treatment, yes, but you may be paying for a longer hospital stay for observation for you and baby. The antibiotics are a standard of practice for a reason. The research that has been done on the subject shows that the benefits far outweight any risks to the baby and I'm sure there are many more sources for consideration than what the average person can get their hands on to make the most informed decision about the use of antibiotics in GBS positive mothers. Consider your reason for refusing the treatment carefully. Is it just financial? Is it principle? Is it just your belief? Are you afraid for the harm to your baby? The decision you make can help your baby as much as it can hurt them. The easiest way around this I would think is just to have the GBS test done to even see if you need to consider whether you will need antibiotics or not. If the GBS is negative, then you don't really have to worry about antibiotics for that. Best of luck to you!
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