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GN BSRBs and Cheeky Cloth

I have FS 3 BSRB Hybrid Elite Diapers in Jungle on White, Giraffe, and Dino Dudes prints. They are in GUC. They all have very tight elastic and functioning snaps. The Jungle on White has some shadow staining as well as some EBF staining...haven't tried sunning the EBF yet. The Giraffe has a faint shadow stain. The Dino Dudes has a VERRRRY faint shadow stain. All three have some pilling on the fleece which is to be expected. They all work great, but I just don't find myself reaching for them. I'm asking $13ppd each or $35ppd for all three. OR MMARO.

I also have 2 WAHM Cheeky Cloth One Size Organic Bamboo Fitteds in Acoustic and Owls prints (found on Etsy). The Acoustic print is in LN condition and the Owls print is in GUC. Both still have very tight elastic and funtioning snaps. The acoustic print has no staining. The owls print has some shadow staining. I'm asking $20ppd for the acoustic and $12ppd for the owls OR $28ppd for both. OR MMARO.

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