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Originally Posted by Holly dolly

This. One of my best friends lost her daughter to SIDS. She was sleeping on her back when it happened. There's no guarantee with anything.
No. But it reduces a risk.

Not all babies are at risk for SIDS. They are working towards finding out how to test, at birth, to find out which ones are. Because its not just a list of factors or something you see. SO until then, all babies are treated as a high risk. To reduce some of that risk, you lay them on their backs. Since the back to sleep campaign started, SIDS deaths have decreased, 50%.

I have 2 SIDS deaths close to me. Both on their stomachs. 1 SIDS death of a friend of a friends child. Tummy sleeper as well.

But none of that really matters, since you can not say 'this child slept on their tummy, and they lived. So yours will too.' you are NOT comparing apples to apples until we can properly rate a babies risk, at birth.

Does that make sense?

I think all moms should use their best judgement and what feels comfortable to them. But personally, I could not live, if my child died from SIDS and I had put them on their tummy. My aunt in law helps run a SIDS foundation and my best friend goes to a parents grief support group EVERY week. I watch their agony. And that one factor really tears them apart. If you want to speak with a mother, who actually lost a tummy sleeping baby, I'd be happy to pass their number. I assure you, they will say to never ever ever risk it.
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