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Originally Posted by erlyjo

Just curious, but how would you then get a baby to sleep on their back who clearly wasn't comfortable in that position and cried when laid down? My first three had no problem sleeping on their backs, but this babe is different.

Eventually everyone adjusts. It takes time. And patience. It's a lighter depth of sleep for babies, and that's part of the reason the 'at risk' babies stay out of trouble (so researchers think)

I'm not saying a child is going to die from tummy sleeping. Or one that is on their back won't. It's based on risk assessment. What's that risk like to your child? You do not know. None of us do. Sadly.

I would try happiest baby on the block methods. Swaddling, ect. My child would wake Everytime he twitched. My husband and I spent so much time learning how to make him comfy, how to swaddle him (then wean him from that) ect. I don't think it's any different than anything else in parenting. A learning curve. Kwim?
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