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Re: Coconut milk recipes?

Hey!! Sorry I took so long to get back to my own thread! Its been a crazy week and I've still got the milk frozen

I used to love a recipe that used cream of mushroom soup! It was some thin meat...salami? and then chicken on that, surrounded by bacon, and then after that cooks, cover it with cream of mushroom soup. With DD being allergic to milk, that's a recipe that I've not I can try that now!

We have oatmeal ALL the time, and rice too...why didn't I think of putting it in them? Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

Speaking of obvious, ice cream and yogurt seem obvious....but I'm very afraid of them! Anyone have any good recipes?

That chicken adobo dish sounds delish! I need to go buy some chicken!

We don't really like spicy foods....ok DH does, but not me or DD. When I looked up coconut recipes online that's all I found, spicy Thai food.

Thanks for the suggestions! I've also just made up some chicken broth (boiled down the remainder of a chicken that was VERY good from the farmer's market) and was thinking of thickening some soup with the coconut milk. Any hints on this, or just trial by fire?
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