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ALL SOLD! Angelpack (Babyhawk MT S O L D on TBW)

---> S O L D on TBW. Lovely Baby Hawk MT with red dragonflies on black straps, in EUC. Includes the original babyhawk carrying case. This is a hard-to-find print. Asking $85PPD.

SOLD on ebay. Angel Pack (APLX) carrier in VGUC. Includes chest strap, has curved waistband and leg padding on the bottom of the body. This is a GREAT carrier for petite mamas and those who need something lightweight and easy to carry around. $85PPD. REDUCED to $80PPD. I can discount if you have Verizon phones of ANY type (old is fine!) or formula coupons for partial trade.

Measurements - didn't have a soft tape measure so these are approximate, using my tool tape measure.

The shoulder straps cinch all the way down to 17" (this is the length of the padded portion of the strap. The waist strap, at its shortest, is about 24" or 25" (this is the length of the padded portion, end to end).

Body is 18" tall (from bottom of waist padding to the line wear the shoulder strap meets the body), 13" wide

The print looks washed out in my photos. It's more vibrant - a blend of lemon yellow, teal, navy, and light blue stripes.

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