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Originally Posted by laila
Good luck mama. I can't imagine how nervous you will be. Did they ever find out what happened with your last angel?
Deagan was a case of incompetent cervix with a subsequent infection from being dilated so long without care (I'd gone in 3 days prior to admittance with preterm labor symptoms---contractions, mucousy discharge (EWCM), cervical pain, pelvic pressure---and they had refused to check me and sent me home. 72 hours later I was admitted at 6CM and within the next 2 days on hospital bed rest managed to get an infection (likely from being checked upon admittance as I had no signs of infection until the morning I delivered).

We'd managed to stop and reverse dilation with the use of gravity (I was upside down), but the infection had compromised my uterus and I HAD to deliver him.

After D I miscarried again at 9 weeks in Feb 2012.

This is my 8th pregnancy---I have one living child. Other than incompetent cervix, all test results have been normal and no cause can be found for my 5 early losses (4-15 weeks)
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