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Originally Posted by ZoeyMakesThree
DS is 4 months and not gaining well.Today pedi said I need to start supplementing after bfing him. I have been working to up my supply but that does not seem to be the issue. The pedi and LC say he looks tongue tied and I dont want to clip it at this age. Soooo, I just dont see how I will be able to have time to bf and then bottle feed after every feeding from now on. I dont want to stop bfing completely so what do I do? Is it possible to just bf at night and a couple daytime feedings and the rest be formula. I am so confused as to what to do.
How much does your baby weigh?
Also there is a growth chart that is specifically for breastfed babies. It is called The Who. I bet your baby is a different percentile of growth according to that chart. Breastfed babies often gain slower.

Also I would do what the other mama said where he gets the formula through a tube/feeding system whole at the breast.
Good luck!
Hang in there
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