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Re: Favorite/best/easiest Newborn Diaper...

Tots Bots Tini Fits and Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn! The Tini Fits were out grown earlier than the Simplex, but both fit up to the stated weight - and my baby had chubby thighs! These were the most absorbent newborn diapers I used. The Tini Fit is a little less absorbent than the Simplex, but it also fits smaller and is just a smaller diaper. Both are great newborn diapers! They aren't quite as trim as a BG, Fuzzibunz or Joeybunz, but that is because they actually hold the pee in and don't leak - unlike the rest! LOL!

I tried BG newborns, and they never seemed to fit right. And my baby could out pee them in just a week or two.

Fuzzibunz fit pretty good, but stuffing the little pockets was annoying and my baby started out peeing them in just a few weeks.

Joeybunz - don't waste your money! Cute for a very first diaper (like for the first days when they hardly pee) or for a photo prop diaper. Not good for actually using as a diaper (for us at least!)
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