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Originally Posted by VinhThiMom
I'll be the voice of dissent. You've had her a WEEK. She's still adjusting. We've had our 6-month-old puppy 10 days, and I have a 5 and 6 year old. So I get where you're coming from. I told the kids from day 1 that Zoey has to adjust to being in a new home with new people. I told them if she ever growls, that that is her warning sign to back off. It just means she doesn't like what you're doing. It doesn't mean she's aggressive. And she has growled once at DD. DD had pinched her ear a little too hard when she was petting her (she has silky floppy ears). DD backed off and Zoey went back to sleep.

I don't think you've 'ruined' the dog. But I do think you're giving up too easily. You need to give her space and time to adjust. We keep a crate open at all times if Zoey wants to go in there (though she usually just jumps in my lap). Dogs will also attach to one person and tend to be protective of them. So if she's with you, and the kids run towards you, she may think they're attacking. And I'm sure you're already doing this, but never leave a dog alone with the kids.
This. We did rescue work and dealt with actual aggressive dogs and it really doesnt sound like this us it. Shes poorly socialized and freaking out. If she was aggressive she wouldnt be doing so much growling and snapping she would have bitten and drawn blood by now. She needs work and you may not be equipped to deal with that kind of work and thats ok. The shelter should have coached you through this in a gentler way. Fwiw I dont think the slap was probably as traumatizing as the belly touching. I would do some reading (google nothing in life is free) and read on dog behavior. Watch the dog whisperer. Tell the kids hands off for now. It could get bad if her anxiety isnt dealt with but she could end up being a dream! I want you to understand though that if you dont feel like you can deal with it thats ok, because shes at this crossroads and if you can't provide her the help she needs she should go to a family that can.
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