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Re: What questions would you ask?

We have this question ALL THE TIME on our ICAN forum. Here is one of the most recent lists compiled by ICAN of Atlanta:

1. What is their philosophy on going past 40 weeks?
2. What is their philosophy on “big babies?”
3. How many VBACs have they attended?
4. Of the last 10 women seeking VBAC from them, how many had a VBAC?
5. Do they attend VBACs with an unknown or low vertical scar?
6. Do they have any standard VBAC protocols that differ from a non-VBAC mom?
7. Under what circumstances would they induce a VBAC?
8. What methods do they use?
9. Do they attend vaginal breech births?
10. How many uterine ruptures have they witnessed? Were those in VBAC moms?
11. What kind of monitoring do they require?
12. What is their CS rate?
13. Do they perform an automatic CS if waters have been broken for more than 24 hours, even if there is no evidence of infection and mom and baby are fine?
14. Do they have a time-limit on how long your labor can be before they c-section you?
15. Do they require an IV or heplock?
16. Are you permitted to move and deliver in your position of choice?
17. How do you feel about doulas?
18. Can I labor in water?
19. What steps do you recommend taking to avoid an episiotomy and tearing (i.e. perineal support, massage during pushing, etc)
20. Am I allowed to eat/drink during labor?

Someone on the list also mentioned asking them for the risks of a repeat CS and the pros of a VBAC. This will tell you if they are lying straight to your face or not. I thought that was a good idea.
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