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Re: How to deal with jealousy

Originally Posted by Lolobug View Post
Ok, pardon the comparison, but I read that you said you're having a hard time with the TMI of his physical relationship. I know on the show sister wives, that they do NOT share those details w each other. I'm not, nor have I ever been in a poly relationship but I know that part would consume me. Maybe I'm crazy but the thought of my DH having been w anyone else kills me!
Maybe this is also crazy to suggest but think back on past relationships you've had. I know that I have a lot of love for an ex of mine. He was a great person w many wonderful qualities. Ultimately he wasn't the one for me but I still have love for him, it's a love that has nothing to do nor any impact on the love I have for DH, it's like love for your children, different and special. I hope maybe some part of that helps. Just stay very true to yourself. Relationships are only beneficial to everyone if they are beneficial to the individual

It's not that they talk about it, but it's the thought of it that gets to me. Just knowing what they did and being afraid that he wants it more from her than me. Make sense?

I've been thinking about finding someone to talk to. Outside my realm of family and friends. I think it might do me some good since I self weaned from Zoloft about 6 weeks ago. I'm not sure if I'm completely over the medication yet or not. I just don't have the courage to make the necessary phone call.
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