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Re: Advice please! Adopted dog is aggressive toward kids

I have four dogs currently and my son is 3. I was worried about the two oldest dogs (10 and 16) about them being snippy with him but they are really good with him. All the dogs had issues and were rescues when we got them. The best thing we did was to see a doggy trainer and worked on obedience classes. The oldest dog just runs from my son when he gets too rough. The shepherd mix growls and barks at him just because she is grumpy and warning him. The schnauzer mix is very timid and still after having her for 4 years she still does not like fast movement. Our newest silky has serious issues and we are taking him to a super dog class which our trainer said is for dogs with issues. My son says Milo(newest silky) is his best friend so we have to work with his issues. I second watching the dog whisperer and finding a good trainer. Keep giving her space. Make sure she is getting enough exercise and has things to keep her entertained. If she is laying on a rug and not in the crate, maybe try putting the rug in the crate. Dogs do take work, exercise, and effort. There is something that Cesar Milian says about contact with the dogs, no touch, no......, and I forget the rest. He is really good with the dogs and you need to show her the order of the pack even if her new pack is human with kids. Keep working with her.
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