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Originally Posted by keen1981

Cardio is important!!!! She doesn't think so, or hers just isn't borning???
Her workouts are fast, intense, and interval based, so you are moving extremely quickly from one exercise to the next. There are small spurts of jumping jacks, running, hopping, etc., but nothing for more than literally a minute or two. Your heart rate is elevated for the entire workout (if you do it properly and don't lag) so you don't NEED cardio. Strength training burns fat faster, builds muscle, retrains your metabolism more effectively, whereas cardio (especially extended cardio - more than 30-45 minutes) tells your body to conserve resources (retain fat), slows your metabolism, and more often than not does not significantly build muscle.

Of course some cardio is better than sitting on the couch, but loads and loads of cardio is not good for your body. In the workout plans laid out in the book, there is room for you to incorporate cardio if you so desire, but it is not the foundation of her fitness program nor it is KEY to having a killer body. Rather, cardio encourages a "skinny fat" runner's body.
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