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Re: Hypothyroidism and weightloss

I was told it was PPD, too until one doctor felt my throat and was like you need blood work for your thyroid right now. Sure enough it was so low. I got on meds and felt a million times better. I could literally not stay awake and had no use for anything. It was about 3-5 months after weaning that I started to get that way and by 6 months post weaning I thought I would die. I begged to get in and I am glad I did. THey wanted me to wait until 2 months. I threatened to harm myself. Not bright, but it got me in the next morning on a Saturday. I was medicated with my paxil for OCD right away and started my thyroid meds the next. Within a week I felt human again.

This time I went on Paxil right after I had the baby to stop the OCD from driving us all batty - LOL! I was already on thyroid meds with blood draws every 4 weeks all pregnancy. It has been adjusted a few time while PP. I have not felt like crap this time, which is perfect.
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