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Originally Posted by keen1981

Lol. Guess I have the 'skinny fat' runners body.

I just ran a 1/2 marathon, 27.5 weeks pregnant. LOL!! No ones ever called me skinny fat. Hahaha.

Paired with yoga, I get abs, legs definition and amazing arms. My crossfit friends? Beef up and don't get smaller. My Bootcamp buddies, they look fabulous. They mix running/interval trainning.

My box (gym) friends are often converting to runners. Lol!!

Its Cali we all workout here! Just finding what works for your schedule and your BODY is key. No workout works for everyone. I'm actually really surprised at how beefed up my crossfit friends are. They can flip tires.. But never lose the bulk or bulge.

I like a happy medium and nothing feels better than running to the top
Of a mountain and swooshing down the other side. Running brings me to nature. I need nothing but human powered ambition.
Like I said, tons of cardio is not good. Balanced with strength training (or in your case, yoga... Although I would never get a 6 pack from yoga) cardio isn't terrible. Just because YOU personally are not or don't define yourself as "skinny fat" doesn't mean excessive cardio doesn't encourage that body type. I'm glad you found something that works for you, but typically running + yoga =/= ripped.

I agree with you that Crossfit is not a balanced, intelligent fitness philosophy. More often than not it's a recipe for injury unless the Crossfit-er has a very good understanding of functional movement.
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