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I heard once that losing/maintaining weight is 70% what you eat, 30% exercise. I have always been willing to exercise, but I didn't watch what I ate. For a long time it didn't matter, I could eat whatever I wanted and stayed thin. But in my 30's I can tell my metabolism is not the same and I have to watch it way more. I still eat treats, but not nearly as often, and I really try to stay away from fried foods. I don't buy things I know I'll go nuts on which for me is mostly refined carbs- crackers and chips. Ice cream is not a temptation for me so I can have it around without eating it.

As far as exercise I feel like I've done everything- yoga, Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, kick boxing, elliptical, stair stepper, running, cycling, etc. My favorite is Zumba by far. I wear hand-weights that strap on when I do it to add extra difficulty. When I get done doing most exercise I'm thrilled it's over, I'm always watching the clock. But when I get done with Zumba I'm sort of disappointed, I always want to do more. I just love it because I love to dance and that's basically what it is.
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