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Re: Raw cows milk

It;s not illegal everywhere. We buy it legally here. The dairy must be a licensed grade a certified raw milk dairy in our state. And pasteurized and raw cannot be sold out of the same store front. So the dairy we buy from sells raw out of a large commercial dairy cooler in a small room off the milking parlor at the farm, and their pasteurized milk products are sold at a store front in town. Another part of the state requirement is that we sign a waiver saying we know the risks. We pay $5 a gallon for our milk. In the summer months the cows have pasture access at all times (although not completely grass fed) but in winter months are fed silage and haylage that has been chopped and stored because our snow gets deep. We absolutely love the raw milk we get from them! Oh, and the best part, after searching all over the state for a legal raw milk dairy (there are only about 5 here) we ended up finding one less than 2 miles from our house! We thought we were going to have to drive an hour which made it so we wouldn't be able to use it all the time but now we get it closer than the nearest gas station or grocery store.
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